Namibia in 13 Days

Travelling in Namibia

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Lions in the wild

Lions in the wild


The safari started off in Windhoek, and would eventually end up there again. What happened between the start and the finish was a safari of great pleasure. I was joined on the trip by two (2) men hailing from Edinburgh, Mark and Stefan.   Visiting the Waterberg Game Reserve will and always is a delight. The majestic sandstone cliffs with the plains at your feet are a sight to behold. Sitting on top of the Waterberg Plateau and watching the sun paint brilliant colours all around you is difficult to describe.  Getting up the next morning and hearing the call of the Dassies and Baboons make you realise, you are in Africa.

Onguma were to be our next stop. One of the “Jewels of Namibia” Onguma offers tranquillity and peace of mind. Pitching camp under a Leadwood tree and starting the fire for dinner is one of the many pleasures of a camping safari. After dinner all of us would just sit around the fire and listen to the night music that Namibia has to offer. This became the trend for the rest of the safari.   Entering Etosha National Park at Namutoni, another adventure began. Wildlife of different shapes and sizes, everywhere to see. Stopping at different water holes to observe, and to enjoy this spectacle of nature in its full glory. At Halali lunch was had. After lunch we took the road that would eventually bring us to Okaukuejo, and from there we would leave Etosha via the Anderson gate. Around 14:10 we spotted two lions lying under the shade of a Camel thorn tree. We really thought that this was a very good sighting, not knowing what lay ahead.

As we were driving, we saw 3 Springbuck sprinting away at high speed. Wondering what they were up to as we drove past, we saw another Springbuck laying on the ground and kicking. Suddenly realising it is a kill taking place; all of us were extremely alert. Stopping and having a better look, we spotted the leopard, its jaws still clamped over the nose of the Springbuck. Laying absolutely dead still, just staring at us. It was as if time slowed down. Seeing the dust particles in the air, smelling the dust, hearing the wind in the Mopane leaves, while watching this majestic and most elusive of all predators, with its prey. After spending about 45 minutes just observing we had to carry on. All three of us elated at seeing such a rare spectacle taking place.


The next couple of days we would move into North-Western Namibia and focus more on the cultural aspect of Namibia.  The Himba people of Kaokoland are a unique and friendly tribe that inhabits this part of Namibia. Stefan wandering around as a traditional dance took place about 200 meters from our campsite. I could see the amazement and wonder in his eyes when he returned. Such is the people of Namibia; they crawl into your heart and stay forever.


Driving to Sesfontein, the cultural aspect was slowly being replaced by the landscapes around us: from mountains carved by erosion to plains in their stark beauty. Slowly we made our way to Ongongo which was to be our camp for the night. Again, another surprise awaited us. A huge natural rock pool, complete with waterfall, greeted us at our campsite.  Needless to say, the first thing that was done was to have a swim to get some of the dust of Kaokoland out of our hair. What a stunning campsite it turned out to be.Moving into Damaraland, we headed for the rock engravings at Twyfelfontein. Camping that evening at another community campsite, Aba-Huab, we prepared for the rugged part of our journey that was ahead.


Climbing the Doros Crater is another highlight on the safari.  Seeing the rugged beauty of Damaraland from 200 meters up is something to behold. Camping wild in the Doros River added another dimension to a camping safari. While the guys were walking around and exploring, the camp was put up and as usual, the fire started. That night we slept under the starry blanket of the southern skies.   Travelling further south, we passed the Brandberg and soon had Spitskoppe in our sights. Again, the landscape is of such beauty that we had to stop every now and again to try and capture it on camera. The Bushmen paintings and the sheer raw beauty of the granite rock formations had all of us silent.  Spitskoppe is a truly special place.


The last part of our 13 day safari took us to the highest dunes in the world. Sossusvlei, especially Deadvlei, is indescribably beautiful. The colours of the white pan, with the black trees, against a backdrop of huge orange sand dunes provides a kaleidoscope of colours that is difficult to find anywhere else in the world.  Add to that an Oryx on the skyline, and you have the setting for a perfect photo. So it happened. Stefan followed an Oryx for what seemed an eternity, but finally got a photo of which he can be very proud.   All good things have to end somewhere, and the same goes for our safari. Taking the Spreetshoogte pass, we returned to Windhoek. All the sights, sounds and smells will remain in our hearts.  And before long, I think Mark and Stefan will be back to explore more of this beautiful country called Namibia.


Find out more about Wild at Heart Safaris, we are  a young Namibian-owned and based Safari Company, that specialises in Adventure  Luxury Safaris and specialised tours of Etosha National Park for small groups and families.


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